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We at AS APT, recognising the need for a Civil Engineering Certificate Courses as a practicum that is mandatory for professionals to accrue prior to stepping into the industry, have made the first move into our academic venture with AAVISHKAARA SCHOOL FOR APPLIED PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. We believe our facilities will be beneficial to you, THE FUTURE PROFESSIONAL.

An analysis conducted by the Anderson Economic Group (AEG), commissioned by the Project Management Institute (PMI) (a global non-profit professional organisation for project management), Pennsylvania, United States, observed that the project management profession will outperform the total global job growth over the next decade, thereby creating millions of new positions in India and across the world offering highly-competitive pay. As per PMI’s report titled “Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017–2027”, by the year 2027, the project management labour force is expected to increase by 33 percent across 11 countries for which at least a basic Civil Engineering Certificate Courses is mandatory.

The figures predict that nearly 22 million new jobs will be created during the next decade – and by 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles. The study expects that within India, over 7 million new project management positions will open up over the next decade in project-oriented industries – the largest growth rate (48 percent) among the 11 nations analysed as part of the study. Additionally, by 2027, India will have the second-largest number of project management-oriented jobs in the world (22 million), only behind China (46 million). So we as an academy can’t keep us in the way to provide Civil Engineering Certificate Courses.

On Professional and Management Skills

As the project management profession continues to show considerable growth, the global shortage of project talent will present exceptional opportunities for qualified professionals to begin and advance their careers. Executives will face increased financial and human resource risks due to this talent gap. Organisations will find themselves competing for this critical talent; so, it’s essential that they implement the best practices, since finding and retaining qualified project personnel can positively impact an organisation’s strategy and bottom line

Mark A Langley, CEO and President, PMI
Courtesy: https://proventuresindia.com/blog/pmjobs/

Why Civil Engineering Certificate Courses is required?

In the 11 countries analysed, 70 percent of the 22 million new project management jobs from 2017–2027 will emerge from the manufacturing, construction, Information Services, and Publishing Industry. Across the countries analysed, the highest job growth in the next decade is expected in the manufacturing and construction industry, with more than 9.7 million new roles. Information services and publishing will account for the second-largest increase, with nearly 5.5 million new roles; finance and insurance will create more than 4.6 million roles, and management and professional services will see an addition of more than 1.7 million.

Given the implications of these statistics, AS APT is introducing a course curriculum for Civil Engineering graduates to make them professionally competent and technically conversant by conducting Civil Engineering Certificate Courses

Our Faculties

For imparting quality training to students on this much-extended curriculum, the requirement of well-experienced faculties is a must. We have envisaged it and created a great team of faculties with high engineering experience ranging from 33 years in Engineering to 41 years of experience in Law, Finance, and Accounting.  Click here to know about our fantastic faculty range. we are very confident that no academy in Kerala will have such a wonderful, experienced, dedicated team to train the future civil engineers of India.    


Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) Kerala is a Section-8 Company of the Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala, that focusses on skilling students and the general community to enhance their employability. Instituted in 2012, ASAP Kerala transitioned to a company under the Companies Act, 2013, in 2021.

With nearly a decade of service, ASAP Kerala have become a premier government edTech company, building integrated learning and talent management solutions. ASAP Kerala has nearly become synonymous with skilling, upskilling and reskilling in corporate and academic domains, by offering 150+ contemporary courses in 19 domains and curating a ready-to-deploy workforce. They undertake training through 16 Community Skill Parks and 126 Skill Development Centres instituted across Kerala. ASAP serves as a bridge between industry and academia. ASAP has skilled more than 2.5 lakhs students. During the Covid-19 pandemic it also brought skill education to the digital frontier.

To know more: https://asapkerala.gov.in

The merit certificates issued by the ASAP KERALA are accredited and recognised by globally renowned consultants, institutions and quality management, and international accreditation organisations, thus making our certificate valid across the world and creating extensive opportunities for every graduate from our institute in the global job market.


sted council

Students who pass the final examination with 40% marks and over will be eligible to receive ISO 9001: 2015 certified course completion merit certificates with a mark list that is internationally designed with high-security press by using imported papers and containing several security features such as a unique identification number to check the authentication, dynamic QR bar code, guilloche pattern/void pantograph, and a special kind of hologram with a punched stamp golden foil to avoid duplication and tampering.

The merit certificates issued by the STED COUNCIL are accredited and recognised by globally renowned consultants, institutions and quality management, and international accreditation organisations, thus making our certificate valid across the world and creating extensive opportunities for every graduate from our institute in the global job market. Our course/merit certificate is registered under the C.R Act 1957, MHRD, Department of Higher Education, Government of India, and under the TM Registry, Chennai. Employment exchange registration all over India on behalf of the STED COUNCIL certificate

The certificate holder can apply for public or private sector jobs in India and abroad. Such certification will boost the chances of an already qualified/employed person and improve their candidature for better private/government jobs and skill-based jobs. Our certificates have received high credibility among employers in India and abroad, especially in the Middle East and other parts of the world. All certificates issued by the STED COUNCIL can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, and by the embassies of almost all countries.