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Faculties for Project management course
Faculties for Project management course

Why Experienced Faculties are important?

We call Aavishkaara School one of the best Civil Engineering academies in Kerala. This is because of the faculty range we possess. We found that our senior faculty members are motivated and satisfied through opportunities for intellectual inquiry, membership in a meaningful academic community, opportunities to have an institutional impact, and recognition for their work. The teaching role of faculty members reflects their centrality in addressing the primary educational mission among colleges and universities. Our faculty members disseminate and impart basic or applied knowledge to students and assist students with the learning process and applying the knowledge. They are passionate about the subject, teaching, and learning. Prepared, knowing the material and how to communicate it. Informed, being able to convey both new and old materials and methods. Confident, not afraid to make mistakes, and willing to admit to ignorances. To know more about the 7 skills a lecturer of faculty needs, click here.

We at AS APT being the Best Civil Engineering academy in Kerala, recognizing the need for a Civil Engineering Certificate Courses as a practicum that is mandatory for professionals to accrue prior to stepping into the industry, have made the first move into our academic venture with AAVISHKAARA SCHOOL FOR APPLIED PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. We believe our facilities will be beneficial to you, THE FUTURE PROFESSIONAL.