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    Certificate in Construction Office Management

    With Placement Assistance Program

    Certificate in Construction Office Management(CCOM)

    Course Duration: 03 Months/ 12 weeks (300 Hours)

    Course Fees: Rs. 35000/-

    PLACEMENT OPTION: Placement Assistance will be provided, Placement to renowned construction companies in Kerala. Placement outside Kerala or abroad will be arranged as per the availability of vacancy.


        CCOM is a 3 months (12 Weeks) course amounting to 300 hours course. CCOM is a complete practical oriented course for students interested in Construction Office Management, which includes 7 under-roof practical modules of Civil Engineering Project Management. On completion of this course, you will be able to understand and contribute to office work involved in construction work with higher precision. By doing this course, your outlook towards a construction project will be changed to a new perspective and you will be able to flourish in the industry with your command in the on-site construction work.


    The entire duration of the course will be divided into 6 parts.

    • Skill Development: 1 Week dedicated classed on subjects like Interview Cracking techniques, Language Skills, Personal Orientation, Personality development, Interpersonal Skills.
    • Basic Practicality in Construction: 1 Week of on-site orientation with various construction works.
    • Classroom Instruction: 7 Weeks of classroom instructions.
    • Advanced Practical Orientation: 2 weeks of Attachment training with various major construction companies as internship trainees.
    • Project Preparation: 1 Week, a week is given to the students for project preparation and submission.
    • Examination: Examination will be conducted by STED Council Authorities at Center Premises.


    Module No

    Office Engineering Modules


    Quantity Surveying


    Planning and Coordination


    Contracts Management


    Cost Control and Budget


    Tendering and Rate Analysis


    Resource Management and Inventory Control


    Statutory Compliance

    Course Development

    The course we offer is designed within the institution and curated to be the most suitable for engineering candidates entering the constantly growing industry of construction. This training ensures that you excel as a professional who possesses the skills and knowledge that are benchmarked within international engineering practices. In achieving our goal of elevating students with merely pedagogical knowledge to professionals with practical experience, we further acknowledge the fact that motivation and inspiration are the primary necessities an engineer requires to flourish and become a success.

    Each course AS APT offers will upgrade the knowledge of the candidates, enhance their skills, sharpen their aptitude, and brighten their future. On the successful completion of the course, the candidates will be placed before a certifying agency for examining their skill and awarding the credential certificates

    Certifications offered by Professional Bodies

    Certificate Issued by the Scientific and Technical Development Council (STED Council)

    The STED Council is an autonomous body and a national-level educational organisation registered since 2005 under the Government of Kerala and an Indian NGO under District Central, National Capital Territory (Govt. of N.C.T), New Delhi. It is certified by the Government of India and registered under the department of labour, Delhi, and recognised by the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, New Delhi. Registered under the NGO Partnership System, Planning Commission (Govt. of India). Regd. under TM Act-1999 Section 23(2) Rule 62(1) Class 41 by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion Controller General Patents Designs and TM No. 1491711 dated 2006 under Govt. of India and also accredited as Facilitation Centre under NIELIT (formerly DOEACC) Dept. of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India


    Students who pass the final examination with 40% marks and over will be eligible to receive ISO 9001: 2015 certified course completion merit certificates with a mark list that is internationally designed with the high-security press by using imported papers and containing several security features such as a unique identification number to check the authentication, dynamic QR bar code, guilloche pattern/void pantograph, and a special kind of hologram with a punched stamp golden foil to avoid duplication and tampering.

    The merit certificates issued by the STED COUNCIL are accredited and recognised by globally renowned consultants, institutions and quality management, and international accreditation organisations, thus making our certificate valid across the world and creating extensive opportunities for every graduate from our institute in the global job market. Our course/merit certificate is registered under the C.R Act 1957, MHRD, Department of Higher Education, Government of India, and under the TM Registry, Chennai. Employment exchange registration all over India on behalf of the STED COUNCIL certificate

    The certificate holder can apply for public or private sector jobs in India and abroad. Such certification will boost the chances of an already qualified/employed person and improve their candidature for better private/government jobs and skill-based jobs. Our certificates have received high credibility among employers in India and abroad, especially in the Middle East and other parts of the world. All certificates issued by the STED COUNCIL can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and by the embassies of almost all countries

    Eligibility requirements

    • Master/ Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering under any recognised university or Institute
    • 3 Yrs Civil Engineering Diploma under any recognised institute 

    Competency Matrix

    Module 1 Quantity Surveying

    End state vision: This module is designed to develop the ability of the learner to understand the requirements of construction projects, work breakdown, and comparative designing of structures, bill of quantities, units and measurements, brief and detailed specications, standard data and observed data, standards and accepted practices of QS and evaluation, preparation of measurement sheet/ book, quantity take-off from drawings, collection of market-rate, collection of resources, turnouts, rate analysis, estimates, charts, value engineering etc.

    Module 2 Planning and Coordination

    End state vision: This module is designed to develop the ability of the learner to understand the requirements of construction planning, schedule preparation such as WBS, calendars, working time, types and properties of activities, fixing durations based on their outputs, relations and linking, resource data, resource properties, resource assignment, resource levelling, milestones, PERT and critical path method, network diagrams, updating progress, decision making etc

    Module 3 Contracts Management

    End state vision: This module is designed to develop the ability of the learner to comprehend the fundamentals of contracts management, such as understanding the various types of construction contracts, concepts and conditions of contracts, strategies to be adopted to benefits best from the contracts, contractual procedures such as serving notices, particulars, claims, follow-ups, correspondences and documentation in order to ensure that contractual entitlements such as extension of time, prolongation costs, variations such as extra items, added/altered/allied/substituted items, excess work change of scope, price adjustments and price escalations, eligible payments, additional claims and interests.

    Module 4 Cost Control and Budget

    End state vision: This module is designed to develop the ability of the learner to understand the fundamentals of cost control of construction projects, including BOQ, rate analysis, unit costs, preparation of budgets constituted by variable costs such as materials, machinery, and manpower along with time related/fixed costs such as overheads, salaries, infrastructure, taxes, finance charges etc. and monitoring the day to day costs incurred in order to understand the cost overruns on a real-time basis to adopt corrective actions and ensure the completion of the project within the limits of the budget.

    Module 5 Tendering and Rate Analysis

    End state vision: This module is designed to develop the ability of the learner to understand the fundamentals of making and quoting a tender for construction projects, different types of tenders and contracts, prequalification and eligibility, earnest money deposit and performance security, instruction to tenderers, general conditions of contract, special conditions of contract, international standards, pre-bid meetings, standards and accepted practices, tender drawings, bill of quantities, site visits and market-rate collection of resources, resource mapping, construction methodology, equipment costing, overhead calculation, and profits and taxes etc.

    Module 6 Resource Management and Inventory Control

    End state vision: This module is designed to develop the ability of the learner to understand the fundamentals of budget provisions, procurement, purchase, rental, hiring, lead time, loading, unloading and transportation, quality specifications, inviting bids, making comparative statements, Weightages and track record, prequalification, client feedbacks, negotiations, revised comparative statements, decision making and fixing, preparation and issue of work order, preparation and issue of purchase order, preparation of agreements, insurance, scope of work, liquidity damages, warranty, guarantee, defects liability period, coding, inventory analysis, inventory turnover, installation of inventory control, tracking and management systems, storage of resources, ware house layout and operation, Requisition for Resources, Transportation and Distribution, Minimum stock, Perishable Goods, Checking the Quantity & Quality of Goods, Goods Receipt Note, Damages, Return of Goods, Stocking, Stock updating & Stock checking etc

    Module 7 Statutory Compliance

    End state vision: This module is designed to develop the ability of the learner to understand the fundamentals of Rules of Land viz., NBC, KMBR, KPBR, KSPCB, KSEB, Aviation, etc.


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