Are you wondering about what is next after Civil Engineering? Do you want to get placed in a company or want to pursue further studies? 

Whatever the answers to these questions, ultimately we all like to get brighter job prospects for the future. Then, the question we must get an  answer will be “ How can you become successful and productive in civil engineering?”

There are more than 10,000  civil engineers graduates every year in India hoping that they will get a bright future. But, the dark part of the story is that a majority of students are not placed in their field of study. There are different reasons for this scenario. The one demands our utmost attention is the lack of professional skills for the industry. Civil Engineers graduating from colleges lack industrial skillset except for IITians.

It is a very pathetic condition, is n’t it? You have good marks,  creativity, scientific and computational skills and certainly, have fair knowledge of engineering. Still, the one thing preventing you from landing a good job is a lack of industrial skills. 

How can you overcome this difficulty? The answer is simple but demands alertness.

You can pursue industry-oriented courses tailored to civil engineers. Doing this, you will get a good exposure and multi-skills needed for the job title. Some of the courses designed for a civil engineering graduate or diploma holder  are the following : 

  1. Basic Construction Orientation Course
  2. Certified Course in Construction Office Management
  3. Certified Course in Construction  Site Management
  4. Diploma in Construction Engineering

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Construction engineering courses  are one of the prime choices of civil engineers. Why it provides ample job opportunities in project management oriented roles. In civil engineering, every construction will be project oriented. A wide variety of skilled individuals come under for a project and it will have a definite time period. Skills always matter to carry out every job in a time bound manner. 

Construction management course is a professional course designed for especially for civil engineers and will give you a whole picture about the construction field. The course equips a student to do various tasks such as managing people, material and equipment, managing buildings and infrastructure etc. in a skillful manner. You may wonder, what are the construction management classes near me?   

There are few institutes that provides diverse industry specific courses for civil Engineers. One must ascertain which gives the best and which has credibility. Aavishkaara School for Applied Professional Training provides the best courses for civil Engineering that cater to your needs.

Construction  safety courses  have the best employment opportunities in India as well as abroad. Countries and flourishing construction projects badly demand both multi-skilled and knowledgeable engineers for successful and timely completion. Every construction project needs effective coordination and safety health management. To accomplish this equilibrium is the duty of a construction site manager. Successful completion of this course offers extensive job opportunities as long as humans exist across the globe. You only need skillset from the right place. Then, everything falls right for you.

What are the career prospects after this course?

  • Construction Manager
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Building Services Manager
  • Site Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Building Control Surveyor
  • CAD Technician

These listed are some of the major job prospects.

You now know the ins and outs of the construction management courses and what is the importance in the present circumstances.  Subsequently, there rises a question who provides quality and standardised professional courses for civil engineers. Construction project management certification is a discipline that comes under engineering. 

construction management courses - 17-8-2019

Aavishkaara School for Applied Professional Training, understands the needs of engineers as well as employers who hire future engineers. We are a pioneer in giving training with industry-specific courses for civil engineering students. Our aim and vision are to create efficient and adept engineers for a better tomorrow. We bring the finest from each student moulding him or her with our study techniques. We equip students with appropriate knowledge regarding the job specifications and their requirements. Undergoing our industry course will be highly beneficial for students. It makes them fit in their future careers with multi-skills and knowledge in their field. 

AS APT,  one of the top construction management schools offers quality education meeting international standards. It stands out from others  in these following ways:

  • Specialist Veteran faculties with extensive years of experience on -field experience
  • Offer smart air-conditioned classrooms
  • Onsite training and live projects on roads, buildings and metros
  • Placement assistance in India and abroad
  • Focused all round development of students such as psychological and motivational
  • Industry specific and internationally acclaimed syllabus
  • STED Council approved training centre  

AS APT, we provide the best courses for civil Engineers to excel in their career path.

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