The Need for Professional Training

What Should a Civil Engineer do as a course after B Tech Civil Engineering? The most common thing that we hear about engineering courses is that they are called professional courses. Have you ever wondered what that means?

In simple terms, a professional course is a college-level course that is designed to make the candidate get a secure career in various sectors such as corporate, government, or information technology fields. So, to get a job in a reputed work sector, although academic performance is required, what is more, important is having the right professional skills. For that, you may require to undergo some sort of Course after B Tech. 

The Fact

Although engineering is a professional course and has the possibility to get demanding jobs, most of the students after civil engineering degree remain jobless.

Why do they remain jobless? Have you thought of that? Will doing a course after B Tech Civil Engineering help them achieve the life goals?

There will be many reasons such as back papers, and many other things. But the main reason for not getting the right job is that the students lack the appropriate professional skills needed for the job which you can secure if you undergo some sort of Course after B Tech best available in the market.  

courses after civil engineering

The sad fact is that when we look at the total number of colleges and institutions in India, except the IIT’s & NIT’s, the majority of the colleges are not providing students the professional skills other than academic classes. All the engineering branches face the same situation in terms of the lack of professional training.

But among them, civil engineering graduates are the ones most affected due to this situation.

Why them?

Because civil engineers are the ones that are currently in high demand in one of the biggest sectors in the Indian economy i.e construction. Only a civil engineer that has the right set of skills and experience can effectively determine the criteria that must be followed for the construction of the building or any other structures like dams, bridges, etc.

After Civil Engineering Degree

Therefore, here we describe the need for professional training for civil engineering graduates and the right places to get the training. If you are a civil engineering pass out, then you must read this.

Need for training

In India, the construction industry is considered the fastest growing industry. This means that the need for skilled civil engineers is in high demand. It is estimated that approximately 4 million civil engineers are needed over the next decade for the construction sector for delivering potential real estate space and planned infrastructure.

The importance of professional training is that it provides the students with better exposure to the practical concepts involved in the respective career field. This gives them a better understanding of the subject and in fact, makes them skilled enough to handle project works with ease. Course after B Tech is therefore considered a must-do.

The professional skills mainly consist of project management skills, construction engineering, visualization skills, and many other important ones. Gaining the skills will definitely land you the desired job in the construction field. The training kicks in once you start working on a project.

courses after civil engineering

With the benefit of training, you can perform the work faster than others who have not received any professional training. This increases your productivity and results in getting more project work, increased recognition, and career opportunities.

The right place for training

To earn the right professional skills, enrolling in a reputed training institute must be the preferred choice. However, when choosing the right one, always consider various factors such as cost, quality of training, reputation, and many other factors.

With the increasing need for professional training, many institutions have been established in various parts of Kerala that give training to the students.

In Kochi, there are many such institutions, but among them, the Aavishkaara School of Applied Professional Training (ASAPT) has emerged as one of the best institutions that offer professional skill courses after civil engineering for candidates.

What makes Aavishkaara the best?

We understand the gap that the construction sector is facing currently mainly due to the shortage of skilled civil engineers. Therefore, to minimize this gap, we aim to provide the required professional skills for civil engineer graduates that are needed in a practical work environment.

We give extensive training for the following courses:

Certificate in Civil Employability & Construction Orientation

Certified Course in Construction Site Management

Certified Course in Construction Office Management

Diploma in Construction Engineering

To give the right training, our syllabus is prepared and includes core subjects as per the recommended industry guidelines. The syllabus is classified into two sections which are Office engineering & Site engineering.

Both sections consist of seven modules each of which is detailed. The training is given by our highly qualified and experienced faculties that explain each and every concept very clearly. We don’t believe in stuffing the student with information, but rather make them capable of finding out concepts, learn, ask questions until they are completely through with the topic.

civil engineer graduates

Another bonus for availing us is that the certificates for course completion are issued by the Scientific & Technical Education Development Council (STED council). This adds value to your career growth and increases your chance to get more job opportunities.

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