So you have completed your civil engineering course, isn’t that right?

First of all, congratulations, considering the time and hard work you shed for getting the degree. 

But the real problem now arises which is that you are not getting the desired job you wanted, even though you are having the qualification. Why? You must have thought about that, right?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, you may have all that academic knowledge, but what the real work environment requires is professional skills which, unfortunately is what you are missing. 

If you don’t have the skills, don’t worry as there is a solution and we are here to explain what it is, so buckle up and read the blog.

The Right way

As mentioned above, learning professional skills is very much important in order to get a job in the field of civil engineering, but the sad fact is that most colleges don’t provide these because of the existing syllabus or lack of necessary faculties for teaching the skills.

Institutions like IIT’S & NIT’s offer such skills, but since you have completed the civil engineering course, it’s not feasible to join at those institutions. However, there are various private institutions that provide professional skills and trains the students.

right way 

So, if you want to learn professional skills after civil engineering degree and get certified the right way, enrolling at a well known reputed institute is the logical choice. Finding the right one can be a difficult choice, but by considering factors such as reputation, experience, quality of teaching, etc, the right institution can be found.

One such well known institute is the Aavishkaara school for applied professional training (ASAPT). ASAPT primarily provides professional skills for students who have completed their civil engineering course. When it comes to training our students, we are the best among the other institutions. Keep reading to know why.

How Aavishkaara helps you

We mainly provide certification courses for civil engineers which consists of three regular courses along with a diploma course. All the courses are prepared as per the recommended and updated syllabus that provides the right training and necessary skills for succeeding in your respective career field. The courses are classified below:

Basic Construction Oriented Course

Duration: 1 Month (100 Hours)


Certified Course in Construction Office Management

Duration: 3 Months (300 Hours)


Certified Course in Construction Site Management

Duration: 3 Months (300 Hours)


Diploma in Construction Engineering Course

Duration: 6 Months (600 Hours) 

construction management courses

We know the present situation of several civil engineering graduates that remain jobless due to not having the right professional skill set which is why our courses are designed such that it includes the latest technological concepts that are happening in the construction engineering sector.

Learning our courses provides many benefits such that it upgrades the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students, enhance their skills, sharpen their aptitude, and brighten their future.

The syllabus 

Just like our course itself, the syllabus for each and every course at Aavishkaara consists of only the most necessary topics that provides the right practical knowledge. We also make sure that unwanted topics are discarded so that the candidate does not waste time on irrelevant topics. Our syllabus is classified into two: Office engineering & Site engineering.

Each section is further divided into seven modules in which each one explains the most necessary civil engineering concepts that are normally preferred in a real work environment. The modules are designed in such a way that the student becomes progressively better, improved and professionally skilled by the completion of the last module.

Why choose us

We don’t just provide training and hand the candidate a completion certificate just like that. On successful completion of the course, our candidates will be placed before a certifying agency that examines their upgraded skills and based on how well they perform, the completion certificate is awarded.

construction management

The completion certificates are awarded by the STED council which is an autonomous body and a national level educational organisation under the Government of Kerala and an Indian NGO under District Central, National Capital Territory (Govt. of N.C.T), New Delhi.

 See, you are not just certified by some random organization. To get the certificate, you must pass the test by having at least 40% marks conducted by the certifying agency. The certificate issued by STED council are recognised worldwide by renowned consultants and various international accreditation organisations.

This in turn creates extensive career opportunities for every civil engineering graduate in the global job market. So, what do you think?

If you want a successful career in civil engineering sector, get the professional skills by joining at Aavishkaara today.

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